Do You Need The Authority to Make Decisions for a Loved One?


Askew Legal can guide you through the process of becoming a legal guardian. This gives you the legal right to make decisions for loved ones who are unable to make those decisions on their own. You may need a guardianship to obtain the legal right to make decisions for an elderly parent or an adult child with a disability. Or, you may need guardianship for children whose parents are deceased or incapacitated Guardianship may grant the guardian the right to make many critical decisions, including those required for management of financial affairs and medical treatment. We believe that obtaining guardianship should be a fairly straightforward process. However, unlike other matters that are typically considered aspects of family law, guardianship is handled in probate court.


Conservatorship is the legal term for child custody in Texas. It grants grandparents or other relatives the right to care for and make decisions for a child. This is typically used in cases in which the child's parents are unable to care for the child, either because they are in jail, in the military or simply missing. Conservatorship grants the conservator the same decision-making rights that a parent has, ranging from where a child will live and go to school to decisions about medical care and activities. Askew Legal can also advise on less restrictive alternatives such as powers of attorney, trusts, receiverships and assisted decision-making agreements. If you find yourself in a situation where you may need to make some decisions on a loved one’s behalf, download the form located here for a complementary phone consultation.


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